Provided services

Our services regard to surface-finishing with copper, zinc and stannum alloys, iron coating, prescious matels and others.
They're applied not only in jewellery and haberdashery industry, but also in automobile, sanitary and industrial fields, even for small traders, including individual orders.


Decorative surface repairs

  • gilding
  • silvering
  • copper coating
  • ruthenium coating
  • nickel plating
  • palladium coating
  • rhodium coating
  • brass plating
  • nickel anthracite
  • metal old-time adjustments
  • kata-foretic varnishing
  • chemical polihsing of non-ferrous metals

Technical adjustments

  • copper coating
  • nickel-plating
  • tinning
  • brass plating
  • zinc coating
  • metal coating of zinc alloy
  • blackening (incl. stainless)
  • carbide pickle or passivation of zinc crusts
  • carbide pickle of Cu, Ms
  • direct passivation of Al and Zn alloy casts

Updated price list for

Price list 2021 - decorative Price list 2021 - technical
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